What is Patriarchy? Does it even Exist? Facts say Not

Does Patriarchy Exist

The word ‘Patriarchy’ and ‘Toxic Masculinity are like magic wands that conjure the power that absolves those who wield them of all the failures and wrongdoings. Especially, when the ones who are using these words identify as feminists. In such a case these magic wands not only curtain their limitation but also helps them run propagandas like Gender Pay Gap and Gender Equality Movement

. Here we will talk about one of these magic words, ‘Patriarchy’, and check if it even exists?

Before we dive into details, let’s be clear as to what is Patriarchy?

“Social organization marked by the supremacy of the father in the clan or family, the legal dependence of wives and children, and the reckoning of descent and inheritance in the male line broadly: control by men of a disproportionately large share of power.”

Merriam Webster


A society, system, or country that is ruled or controlled by men.

Oxford Dictionary

Having established the essence of patriarchy we can say that it is all about wealth and power possessed by men in modern society. Also, this is supposed to be the result of gazillion years of human as well as social evolution.

Hence, we need to discuss two things.

  1. Wealth and power in terms of Patriarchy
  2. Timeline of Society in terms of Patriarchy

Wealth and Power in terms of Patriarchy.

We have heard feminists claim that men own most of the wealth and power which makes our society male-dominated patriarchy. However, the problem here is a massive bias in reading the data. How do you ask? 

First of all, we do not deny the fact that collectively men do own more wealth, and collectively as well as comparatively more men are in positions of power. But what they forget to look at is that this wealth and power are distributed with extreme disproportion. Most of the wealth and power is concentrated at the top 0.01% of the population. Yes, male representation is more in this 0.01% of people but that is it. In no way does this tiny proportion paint the picture of almost entire society. It does not say anything about the rest of the men (99.99%).
It is as good as looking at the sun from your window and say the entire world has a sunny day.

Patriarchy from the bottom

Feminists have rallied and forced the laws that require women to occupy places in the top 0.01% not based on merit but based on sheer quota. During this push, they never bothered to even acknowledge that women are in fact extremely underrepresented in the huge chunk of undesirable jobs, poverty, homelessness, and at many more abysmal places.

Fact is

So if most wealth and power makes society male-dominated patriarchy, then most suffering and poverty should make society “Not Male-dominated Matriarchy”. And numbers are way too high when it comes to society being ‘NOT male Dominated’. So much so that conveniently ignoring them to push patriarchy propaganda is quite noticeable.

What is happening?

Those who claim patriarchy are taking up tiny substrata of hyper-successful men and using that to represent the entire structure of modern society. In simple words, the Patriarchy narrative shows men in flashy cars but hides the photos of men working in sewers.

Bottom line is that terrible things happen to both sexes. One sex cannot claim all the atrocities.

We do acknowledge that there are asymmetries in almost all sorts of places but it doesn’t have anything to do with male dominance. It says more about individual choices and more importantly competence.

Let me explain it with an example

The field of medical science has more female students and employees. That is because on average most women tend to choose this field as a career. Against this, most of the men are more inclined toward engineering, and politics. 

Female Doctor, Male Engineer

We all can agree that there are no tyrannical groups of females forcing men to stay out of medical science. Also, the same logic applies to women when it comes to other fields where male preference and presence are more.

The male dominance that does exist to some degree has nothing to do with power. Instead it is more about competence.

Let’s take an example Dr. Jordan Peterson gave in one of his interviews.

“ If you hire a plumber who is likely to be a male it is not because there are rolling bands of tyrannical plumbers forcing you to make that choice.

What you are looking for is good service, nothing else

Looking at all the horrors of the past and just labeling them as oh men took the upper hand and persecuted women is a terrible misreading of history.”

Dr. Jordan Peterson

Timeline of Society in terms of Patriarchy

If we stick to the science it says that we humans have evolved from single-cell organisms. Even if we don’t go that far, the formation of civilized society with languages and intricate norms is relatively a recent history.

With that in mind, we all know that there was a time in our history when we as humans did not even know what gender as a concept is. We had only primal senses such as eating, defecating, procreating, etc. The point is that in this journey from chimps to neanderthals to humans nature had played its part. We all took places as per our abilities that conformed with our abilities. It was by course of nature that men on average conjured more physical strength and women on average were bestowed with emotions of care and compassion.

Early Men and Women

In no way do I suggest that strong women or compassionate men do not exist. They do, but they are not the defining factors at large. Unless you believe that All men from all corners of the globe came together to strategize the ways to dominate women, there is actually nothing to complain about.

If a lion kills a deer, the deer does not cry oppression, at the same time if a lion cannot eat grass and has to hunt while deer’s food doesn’t have legs, lion doesn’t get to cry ‘discrimination’.


Men and Women have different sets of genitals, different types of hormones, different physiques, what makes you think that on average they don’t have different choices and abilities?

Yes, few women are strong, like cars, care more about things than people, and have relatively less compassion. Yes, few men are relatively weak, have more compassion, and have no interest in cars. But, when we look at the world these tiny proportions should not and cannot overshadow a significant mass of the population. Trends are democratic in nature. They are not defined by anomalies, they are set by majorities.

In a nutshell, yes sometimes it rains in the summer, but we don’t start calling it monsoon. Similarly, there are cultures and a trickle of events where either males or females are dominating but it would be inappropriate to generalize the situation at the expense of masculinity or femininity. Therefore it is clear that Patriarchy is essentially a hedge used by the incompetent individuals to curtain their limitations.

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