The man reveals his horrific experience when a woman who slashed him across the face and burned him with a frying pan was spared jail

Matt Kite,55 from Hailsham, East Sussex, was gravely injured by his partner Helen Fraser, 55 when she cut his face and hit him with a red hot frying pan. Matt was left bleeding and had to go to the emergency room. For this grievous assault, Helen Faster was given 20 months of Prison but later this sentence was suspended.

Matt Kite

Not only Matt suffered cuts but he was also severely burnt on his back with a frying pan. He considers himself lucky as the knife just missed a main artery, had it had cut the artery he could were well have died.

Now after recovering from his injuries Matt has spoken up and shared his experience to raise awareness for male domestic violence.

Matt says: For years, Helen made my life a living hell. Every morning, I didn’t know what I’d wake up to. She had an awful temper and would make me feel worthless. Her sentence is appalling. I’m sure if a man would have inflicted the same violence on a woman, they’d see jail time. I just want other men to know they’re not alone and not to be ashamed to speak out against their abusers.’

Matt and Fraser first met when they were kids. Later in 2012, they met online and in November 2015 they went on their first date.

Matt says: ‘At first, Helen was a ray of sunshine. I’d spend every weekend with her and we got on like a house on fire.’

However, after three years when he moved in with Fraser, everything changed.

Matt says: ‘Helen would yell at me if I hadn’t done the washing up and nothing was ever good enough for her.’

Matt even left his job to look after Fraser as she has mobility issues. He used to run errands for her entire day and cook dinner at night.

Matt says: ‘Over time, Helen made me feel worthless and would complain if I went out to see friends and family. She’d call me useless and wore me down. Eventually, I fell into depression.’

Since past few years Fraser indulged in alcohol abuse so much so that she would have 15 cans of beer a day at times.

One day in August 2019 Fraser made fuss over the cluttered house but Matt was tired so he went to bed. Next day he woke up and found Helen on top of him straddling. Her heavy body was crushing him down. It was the time when he saw a six inch knife she was holding which he barely managed to wrestle out of her hands.

Matt managed to hide the knife in sock drawer and wished it was the end of the fight. But, soon after she attacked him with another serrated kitchen knife.

Matt says: ‘Before I could act, she lunged at me, slicing at my face. As the blade tore through my skin, pain shot through me. I screamed at her and put my hands up to protect my face.’

After a lot of struggle Matt managed to flee the place.

Few minutes, Helen returned and apologized claiming her love for him. Exhausted Matt threw himself on the bed and passed out due to his horrific injuries.

Even next day due to his injuries he was struggling to get out of bed so he spent the day sleeping. Suddenly Fraser wielded a red-hot frying pan.

Matt jumped off the bed when Helen threw the pan in his face which knocked him on the floor. He says: ‘I yelled out in pain as it hit my head. Then she smashed it across my bare back. I felt the hot metal scorch my skin. It was excruciating.’

Matt was not able to maintain his consciousness and when he woke up he was in Worthing Hospital besides a police officer. The officer informed that Helen was taken into custody after she called 999

Matt says: ‘The police officer told me I was lucky to be alive as the knife wound on my forehead was just millimeters from a major artery. I couldn’t believe she’d nearly killed me.’

Even after getting stitches and scorched skin he was not so willing to press charges as he wanted to move past this horrific incident, but police told him that they will prosecute anyway so he agreed to press charges.

Upon being prosecuted Helen denied everything for which Matt says: ‘I was disgusted’

But, in April 2021 When Helen confessed that she wounded Matt with intent she could get 20 months suspended from her sentence by Lewes Crown Court.

Matthew says: ‘Her sentence was a joke. She could have killed me. No abuser, no matter their sex, should get away with violence. Helen was such a toxic person I’m glad she’s out of my life.

‘Now I’m in a healthy relationship with a kind, caring woman who treats me as an equal. I hope I never see Helen’s face again.’

Credit: DailyMail

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  • It was DISGUSTING, to say the least....
    Getting away with this crime is the same as getting away with murder, he is lucky to have survived this, these officials are just pissing on this case. They should not let anyone get away with such a horrendous crime, no matter the gender. This is what feminists want, this is what they crave for, getting away with anything and not facing any consequences.
    All the men around the world are with him and I hope the woman face serious jail time.
    All the best to Matt for his life ahead.