The Game of Dying Men: The Dark Side of The Dying Gender No One Talks About

The Game of Dying Men The Dark Side of The Dying Gender No One Talks About

How much can government and society sweep under the rug? How many propagandas and made-up rainbow stories can we believe till we shrug off the dream and wake up to reality? Unfortunately, the answer is A LOT.


We all are for all the right reasons making a fuss over women’s health which is well justified, but what about men? how can we stand looking at not only health but the deaths of men and still not bother to do anything while constantly claiming the existence of patriarchy

? Or have we reached the point where patriarchy is more about men’s ability to die more and die young, either while protecting everyone or by being ignored by those very same people they are protecting?
There are in fact gazillion reasons to point and acquire pseudo-high moral ground but in reality, it can be reduced to two very specific causes. One, lack of compassion towards men. And Two, Lack of political will.


Men Die Young


The Dying infant


The Male privilege of dying young is omnipresent. Almost all countries, be it developed, developing, or underdeveloped; be it north, south, east, or west; tropical, or polar men are dying. they are dying young, and they are dying more.
It can be neonatal death, death at workplaces, death due to poverty, getting killed in violent crimes, succumbing to poor health, or committing suicide, Men are winning this death race.
As per National Vital Statistics Reports ‘Deaths: Final Data for 2016‘ Despite the world birth rate being 107 male babies against 100 female babies the ratio drastically flips as they grow old. At about 50 there are almost as many men as women. However, there are four times as many women as men at the age of 100.


Mortality rate of Male Babies and Teenagers


As per US 2016 Mortality rates…
Talking about infants at the age of one, young boys are 25% more likely to die in comparison to young girls. Male deaths were 12,867 and female deaths were 10,294.



it gets worse, Baby boys between one and fourteen have a 30% higher chance of dying than girls from the same age group. Male Death being 5,297 against 4,151 female deaths.


“In most parts of the world, health outcomes among boys and men continue to be substantially worse than among girls and women, yet this gender-based disparity in health has received little nationa, regional or global acknoledgment or attention from health policymakers or healthcare providers.”

Perspective the mne’s health gap, World Health Organisation


It becomes even gloomier if you look at the following data.


Deaths of adult Men


Just after the teenage, at the age of twenty, suicide becomes the second biggest cause of death in American men and it stays the same till they turn forty-four.
If we break it down even further, between the ages of fifteen and twenty-nine, men die as much as 2.7 times more often than women. Male deaths are at a staggering number of 43,524 for just 16,104 female deaths.


Dying Men


Men falling in the range of 30 to 39 in comparison to women are twice likely to die and continue to die more often till they reach near eighty.
Currently, there are somewhere 200,000 more women for men of the equal age.
Additionally, men are four times less likely to live up to the age of 100


Reality Check on Dying Men


These numbers are not hidden, they are in the public domain. However, as mentioned earlier, compassion for the gender with tough-looking bearded guys is very difficult to conjure. Especially in a society where male privilege and male dominance are still used as shelters to curtain others’ limitations. It is proven to be next to impossible to prompt some political will to have authorities look after our boys.
Even during the pandemic, it was clearly established that men are three times more likely to need intensive care when suffering from COVID19. Still, there was no targeted action.


Reality check on men’s death


“Male COVID19 patients have almost three times the odds of requiring intensive care when compared to women. Not only that, but collectively men make up more than 61% of deaths due to the very same pandemic. This effectively means men are 56.41% more likely to die of covid than women.”

The reality of Male Victims, (Oct, 2021)




The deaths of men must not be mere numbers. Especially, when numbers are this grim in one of the most developed countries. They are way worse in developing countries and third-world nations. It is now high time that we stop turning a blind eye towards the biggest group of individuals who also happen to be the biggest contributor to building this world. The USA has ‘Office on Women’s Health. Question is, where is the office on Men’s health? Why is the health of those who die the most is overlooked in the same nation where those who bleed once a month are looked after? Deaths of Men is not a joke, it needs to be taken seriously.


Special Thanks: The Tin Man


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