Inclusive Emoji Launch: Pregnant Man & Pregnant Person for Apple and Android

A non-profit corporation, The Unicode Consortium, aims to show more diversity in gender options in the list of emojis finalized the Unicode Standard version 14.0

. With this they added 37 new emojis, amounting to a total of 3633 emojis. According to The Unicode Consortium Pregnancy is not limited to one gender only, even men can get pregnant. They also included an emoji for people who do not identify with any gender.

Pregnant Man & Pregnant Person Emojis

This update has a ‘pregnant man’ emoji along with a gender-neutral ‘pregnant person’ emoji. Both these emojis are placed near to the ‘pregnant woman’ emoji in the same position as the woman, with hands wrapped around the belly. This is said to be to include trans and non-binary people.

Pregnant man emoji

However, It will take few months before they officially roll out these new emojis for our devices. Google, Apple, and other companies will take some time to develop all 37 emojis as described by The Unicode. It is expected to be available in the public domain by early 2022.

These new emojis like any other will have different skin tone options. Also, gender-neutral royalties, such as prince, and princess emojis are also added with different skins to show more gender and ethnic diversity.

New List of Emojis 2021-22

Some other addition will include troll, mirror ball, beans, melting face, id, x-ray, slide, nest, and many more.

On July 17th the world emoji day of 2021 ‘pregnant people’ (no gender) and ‘pregnant man’ emojis were proposed.

Proposal by The Unicode Consortium

The proposal read:

“Currently, emojis only depict people assigned female at birth in a role of pregnancy. If emojis are designed in a manner to be as inclusive as possible these emojis should present tits gender more ambiguously.

One’s sex does not dictate the capacity to care for children in the home or work in the market. In the same way, sex equality law has aimed to combat harmful sex stereotypes, these are a great deal of parallels regarding how one’s sex does not dictate the capacity to carry children.

This is not a new phenomenon. Pregnancy has been indiscriminate of gender throughout history but it is only now being formally recognized.”

Proposal by The Unicode Consortium

The British Medical Association New guidline

It is important to note that this emoji release came shortly after The British Medical Association issued its new guideline. These guidelines instruct the medical personals to refer pregnant patients as ‘Pregnant people’ while omitting terms like ‘pregnant woman’ to conduct more inclusive behavior and respect those who wish not to identify as a woman.

The developers of these emojis said that it can also be used to show overeating or being full and to represent a food baby.

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