A teacher started a ‘Gentleman’s Club’ to support kids with no fathers and to teach them life lessons

gentleman's club

It is not news that we live in the times of ‘social media activism’. Mere supporting a trending hashtag gives people a sense of nobility. However defying this lazy trend, instead of beating around the bushes this Teacher from South Carolina had put his foot down. Yes, Mr. Raymond Nelson is working hard to support ‘at, risk kids’. He is being a father figure to the deprived kids. Nelson is doing all in his power and more to instill values and a mindset for success in 5th

graders of his school and community.

He started the ‘Gentleman’s Club’ at Memminger Elementary in downtown Charleston.  Nelson is a student support specialist and an outstanding teacher who cares deeply about the community.

He strongly believes that teaching kids to be a gentleman and having them dress up for what they aspire to be would help them gain clarity and promote chivalry.

In winter break every Wednesday about 60 students gather for this ‘gentleman’s club’. Young members of this club learn values and life lessons while they dress up for success.

“When was the last time you saw someone fighting in a tuxedo?” said Nelson WCSC-TV.

Not only antiquates but kids also get lessons on maintaining hygiene at public places and how to nurture natural resources like small plants and big trees.

Most of these young gentlemen do not have a father figure at home. Mr. Nelson with his time and efforts tries to fill this void.

“I know a lot of them struggle because a lot of them don’t have men at home, so I just want them to grow up and think of the things that I teach them,” said Nelson.

Gentlemen’s club is not only about wearing good clothes but also about appreciating oneself.  “Gentleman’s club is not just teaching you how to be a gentleman. Love who you are and accept yourself for who you are and not let anybody get in the way of that,” said one of the young club members.

Moreover, it is about values and trading respect. “It teaches you to respect others and treat them how you want to be treated.” said another student.

The Club’s motto is ‘Look good, Feel good, Do good’

It is also true that not all students can afford appropriate attire for which Mr. Nelson collects donated Jackets, Suits, Ties, Shoes, and many more things.

They also teach how to do handshakes, eye contact, open doors, and how to be respectful to elders and women.

“They like the reaction of walking up to classrooms and say, ‘Oh, you look so nice and handsome,’ they just love it.” Said, Mr. Nelson

Nelson admitted that he himself has benefitted from one of such groups which he joined at his mother’s request. He thinks this is his way of contributing to society for what he has received as a young man himself. “It helped me to be a better man and I could spread the knowledge to the young boys,” he said.

 Children in this club are also getting better grades for which Nelson said “A lot of my students perform well when they know someone cares about them,”