Feminist brand of equality; An attempt to promote incompetent women

We all have heard quotes like “feminism is equality of all genders”, “If you believe in equality, you are a feminist”, and many more that sound just like these. But how true are they? Have you ever tried to dig deeper? Is the feminist brand of equality the same as what we are told or is there anything else at play? As it turns out, it is merely an attempt to promote incompetent women.

Let’s connect the dots in simplest possible words with examples.

Feminism is for female only

Feminism as per definition

“belief in and advocacy of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes expressed especially through organized activity on behalf of women’s rights and interests


It is not that difficult to support feminism when you focus only on the first half of the definition. Words like ‘EQUALITY OF SEXES’ are morally tempting. Supporting them gives us a sense of righteousness.

However, the problems start when you trot down to the later half. “…. On behalf of WOMEN’S rights and interests.” In other words, feminism strives for equality only when women at large are benefited from it. It is concerned with equality ONLY when women can gain more. Which makes it a gynocentric ideology.

How does Feminist Mechanism work?

Ice Cream Equality

To simplify it further, let’s look at this example.

If a boy has only one vanilla ice cream, while a girl has two chocolate icecreams, feminism will demand equality for that poor little girl with two chocolate ice creams by advocating her rights on one vanilla ice cream that the boy has but the girl doesn’t.

Now taking it to the bigger scale, when it comes to the number of CEOs and world leaders, feminists are extremely vocal. They would blame the so-called patriarchy, and bash men for relatively less number of women in positions of power. On the contrary, when we look at the field of medicine, women are dominating. However, this dominance is conveniently attributed to women’s competence and individual choices.

Building on the same point, when it comes to manual scavengers, armed forces, mining workers, etc which apparently are also male-dominated occupations. Given the undesirability and risks involved in these professions, feminists conveniently do not seek any form of equality here.

These evident double standards have prompted many women to part with feminism.

One more example of such a biase is the propaganda of the Gender pay gap. You can refer to this to check out facts debunking made up pay gap claims: Gender Pay-Gap Reality Check, Facts VS Claims

Feminism and men

Feminism and Men

Though it is evident even from the very word ‘feminism’ and later half of the definition that this entire ideology revolves around the interests of women only. Somehow feminists all around the globe are hell-bent on convincing people that feminism is for men as well. Big social media handles UN women, Twitter Women, feminists are at the forefront when it comes to propagating this misinformation.

They achieve this political correctness by talking about men’s mental health once in a blue moon. Even while doing this they make sure to blame patriarchy and masculinity for all men’s problems. This is nothing more than a subtle way of victim-blaming. In a nutshell, as per feminists, all problems of men are men’s fault and all problems of women also stem from men only. How convenient is that?

Refer to this to check out what real biases are there against men in legal system.

So what is the problem with equality?

Firstly let’s establish that not all brands of equalities are as good as they sound. How do you ask? Let us explain.

To understand it better we need to know the two basic types of equalities.

  1. Equality of Opportunity
  2. Equality of outcome

While one is actually a paddle for societal growth, the other is equally detrimental.

Equality of opportunity

It talks about all humans. Irrespective of their gender they should have equal shot at every opportunity available in any nation. People can choose to opt for the opportunity or simply pass it. However, in the end, whoever is not only willing but also most competent will win as an outcome.

Equality of Opportunity

Let’s Simplify Equality Of Outcome With An Example

There is a medical school entrance test. There are 1000 eligible participants, of which 500 are men and 500 are women. All will be given the same question papers and the top 50 of those who will score the highest will be admitted. Gender will not be a barrier nor will anyone be forced to take the test. Students can choose not to opt for the exam and forfeit their right to admission but mere attending the exam will not guarantee admission. Only if you are among the top 50 students will you get in.

This equality puts competent people at a higher level and pushes incompetent ones to try harder. Because no other factor but their competence will raise them to higher levels.

Equality of Outcome (The Feminist Brand)

Equality of Outcome

This on the other hand completely ignores competence. It says that in any given situation both genders need to be represented equally. It doesn’t matter how able, educated, competent, experienced, or suitable the candidates are.

Building on the same example, as per Equality of outcome if there are only 50 seats for admission, 25 of them have to be allotted to women. Here it doesn’t matter if women are not in the top 50. They can very well be at the bottom 500 and still have to be admitted at the expense of men who ranked 26 to 50 to achieve equality of outcome. For this type of equality, all that matters is the outcome. Competent or incompetent as per feminism women have to have equal representation.

This equality values sex over competence. As long as you are of a particular gender you don’t have to worry about how smart people of other gender are.


Feminism is not only promoting incompetent women but it is also promoting injustice to those who are competent. At the end of the day, when an unqualified person comes in the position of power he/she destroys efficiency and reliability of the system.

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